Sequoia National Park is the country's second oldest national park (Yellowstone was the first). From atop Moro Rock you can get a good overview of the park (after climbing 400 or so steps). To the north lies the biggest tree in the world: the General Sherman Tree. While the California coastal redwoods might be taller, sequoias are bigger around and weigh more. To the east are the high Sierras, where peaks up to 13,802 feet are visible (Mount Whitney, at 14,494 feet is just out of sight).
The Climb Up to the Top of Moro Rock
View of High Sierras from Moro Rock. Many of the trees in the Sierras are dying from the drought and beetles.
General Sherman Tree
The Senate - one of the groupings of sequoias along the Congress Trail
Looking Up to the Top of the Senate
The House - the other large grouping of trees that can be seen on the Congress Trail
Being Squeezed Out?
Everyone's Got to Start Somewhere
Sequoia Sunrise
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