Glacier National Park's Logan Pass Visitor's Center is located on the Going-to-the-Sun Road near the Continental Divide. The day we got to the park there was a winter storm warning calling for high wind, rain, and snow the next day, so we had to squeeze two days of exploring the eastern side of Glacier into one day. This required us to drop a few hikes that we had planned. We chose to hike to Hidden Lake in the Logan Pass area in the morning. 
A little over 1.2 miles into the hike, the trail crossed the Continental Divide. Before long we were at the Hidden Lake Overlook. Mountains to the left, mountains to the right, and Bearhat Mountain rising out of the lake in front of us. To the right of the mountain a cloud inversion hid Lake McDonald, which we had visited the previous day from the park’s west entrance. The only thing missing from the scene was the mountain goats that usually roam the area.
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